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Motorola G (XT1032) User Guide.

For those who are not yet decided to get this fantastic device, here’s a user manual, where you can read through what the phone can do and then make up your mind ( and run to your nearest store) to get one…

MotoG_UG_EN-GB_Tech Data_68017585029A




When lockscreen active press the power button and either very left or right side of the screen press and slide and it show new “tab” with + and there you can add widget.

However, it shows actual data (SMS, Email) so any one can check it ( so much about privacy!!!).
Why the hell Moto couldn’t add simply notification???
The camera shortcut (far right) can not be changed/deleted. You can ad up to 7 widgets ONLY (no apps!).
To delete/change shortcut, briefly press Power button slide to desired tab and press and hold until you see X Remove on the top. Just pull up the page toward it and it will be removed and you can add another widget.