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Well…Not happy with iPhone at all. The signal issue isn’t network related for sure!!!

I used two microSIMs ( O2 & 3) in following devices :

1) i4 16GB
2) HTC Desire
3) Nokia E72

and the results are following :

O2 microSIM in i4 – no 3G signal or very rarely for few seconds, keep switching
O2 microSIM in Desire – constant 3G signal (3-5 bars,switching to H when download/browsing)
O2 microSIM in E72 – same as Desire

3 microSIM in i4 – rare 3G signal, most of the time “No network coverage”
3 microSIM in Desire – constant signal ( 3-5 bars)
3 microSIM in E72 – same as Desire.

All phones were laying on the table for 1 hour untouched.

(In Desire & E72 used adaptor from O2)


This guy(sinfulss) is amazing chap ; his web has files for everybody , being iPhone or iPT user. Follow the link (post #1)