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So you ypgraded your crApple device and run in to issue with no service or searching… Well, go for Android…But for now here’s the fix :


I did this on friends crApple 3GS and it worked for me. 

1. download file iphone2, and save as an ipsw file (not zip).
2. using itunes restore the 3GS using this same ipsw file ( hold down the shift ket whilst pressing the restore button).
3. download redsn0w_win_0.9.10b5 and unzip.
5. run redsn0w and select EXTRAS then select IPSW and navigate to the same ipsw file. go back and select JAILBREAK. Then do Deactivate. follow instructions
6. After above has finished do the same as 5 but this time at JAILBREAK select load IPAD BaseBand. follow instructions.
7. After above has finished do same as 5 but this time at JAILBREAK select install CYDIA. follow instructions.
8. After above finished use CYDIA to install ULTRASN0W.
9. after above INSERT ANY SIM
good luck…


Windows and Mac

1. To add a ringtone to your iPhone, using Windows Explorer or Finder just duplicate and rename any AAC file with a “M4R” extension, then double-click on it. This file will be added to your iTunes library automatically. (Some are reporting a size limit for the music file, so if you have trouble, using a smaller file may help)

2. Now, click on your iPhone in iTunes, and go to the ringtone section. You should now see your new ringtone. If you want to be sure about the sync, feel free to click “selected ringtones” and check off the file explicitly, though this shouldn’t be required.

3. Now SYNC your phone. You’re Done!

Mac Notes

You have to make sure the actual extension is changed. The easiest way to make sure you are changing the extension is to use Command-I to “Get Info” on the file in Finder. Then change the extension in the “Name & Extension” field to “M4R”. Finder may ask you if you are sure you want to change the extension. Once you double click, the file should show up in the Ringtone area in iTunes.

Windows Notes

Again, you need to make sure the actual extension is changed.

Opens My Computer, Then goes to Tools-Folder Options-View

UNCHECK “Hide extensions for known file types” once this is done you can simply rename the file with a new extension of M4R which then changes the Icon to say RING.

(Thanks Michael)

Hi everybody. Some iPhone 4 users (and 3G/3GS) if you don’t like the SpotLight search app on your home screen there’s a solution how to get rid of it.

Thanx to Sinfuliphone with their solution :

NoSpot v0.5


  1. Open Cydia and make sure is added to your sources
  2. Tap on Sections > SiNfuL iPhone and install NoSpot

These are instructions on how to unlock the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G for use with any GSM cellphone carrier using UltraSn0w. This will work with the iOS 4.0 – 4.0.1 firmware.
Before you can follow these instructions you must have a jailbroken iPhone and you must be on the 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, or 01.59 baseband(modem firmware).
Step One
Press to launch Cydia Installer from your SpringBoard.
Step Two
Press to select the Manage tab at the bottom of the screen.
Step Three
Press to select the large Sources button
Step Four
If the ultrasn0w repo is not present press the Edit button at the top right of the screen. Otherwise, skip to Step Nine.
Step Five
Press the Add button at the top left of the screen
Step Six
Enter as the source url and press the Add Source button.
Step Seven
Once the source has been added press the large Return to Cydia button.
Step Eight
Press the Done button at the top right of the screen.
Step Nine
Press to select from the list of user entered sources.
Step Ten
Press to select ultrasn0w from the list of packages
Step Eleven
Press the Install button at the top right of the screen.
Step Twelve
Press the Confirm button at the top right of the screen.
Step Thirteen
After installation completes successfully press the large Return to Cydia button.
Step Fourteen
Now press the Home button then power off and power on the iPhone. You do this by holding down the power button for 3 seconds then moving the power slider that appears to the right.
Press the power button again to turn on the phone.
Step Fifteen
You should now be able to insert the SIM of your choice!

credit to iClarified.

Step One
Press to launch Safari from your Springboard.
Step Two
Press to select the address bar and input then press the Done button.
Step Three
To begin the jailbreak simply move the slider to right.
Step Four
You will be displayed a status bar as the download progresses.
Step Five
Once the download is complete the jailbreak process will begin
Step Six
Once you are notified that the jailbreak process is complete press the OK button.
Press the Home button to reveal Cydia on your desktop!

Once this done, you can also unlock your iPhone (follow relevant blog).

Best place for your iPhone …

Here and here you can find the most complex info,guide,tutorial and tools how to manage, handle and free up your iPhone from Apple’s “prison” …

(For Mac users…)

As geohot wish to spread the blackra1n to all iPhone/iPT  users for free…

This guy(sinfulss) is amazing chap ; his web has files for everybody , being iPhone or iPT user. Follow the link (post #1)

3GS jailbreak & unlock

Hello there, geohot’s blackra1n is awesome application.

Did the job with my 3G(S) out of the box with 3.1.2 on board (bb 5.11.07) within 20 sec.

Now, info for all those who tried reboot and get stuck with DFU (arrow&iTunes) – all iPhone 3G(S) with 3.1.2 (starting with MCxzx) and iPT3 are tethered JB only! That means if you run out of battery or reboot/switch off your iTHING you’ll need to connect to your PC and run blackra1n again to boot up your iTHING.

Saw few post saying that geohot is a loser,etc… I DO NOT agree with them, as many of them DIDN’T read his full statement on his twitter :