Type your e-mail address and password.

Next step is choosing  type of account. Enter POP3.

Next field is  Incoming Server Settings.

Username should show first part of your e-mail address, type your full e-mail address.

Password is already filled in, so leave it as it is.

Remaining settings are as follows :

POP3 Server: pop3.live.com

Port: 995

Security Type: SSL (always)

Delete email from server: Never

Settings for the Outgoing server settings are as follows:

SMTP server: smtp.live.com

Port: 587

Security Type: TLS (always)

Tick the box next to Require sign-in .

Username and Password fields should be already filled. Press Next.

If it doesn’t take you to the next option, go back and check if everything is correct.

Next option is Account Options.

E-mail checking frequency is up to you,but bear in mind that if your phone checks for new e-mail frequently, it may drain your battery faster .

Other options (optional) are Send email from this account by default  and Notify me when email arrives – choice is again up to you 😀

Tap Next.

Last screen will let you choose the name of this account,and will be shown to people when you send them e-mail. Press Done.

These steps apply for following email types :  hotmail.co.uk, hotmail.com, live.co.uk, live.com. (Personally using live.com).