Product Codes Nokia 6700 Classic RM-470
0585368 ohne Branding
0574073 Euro C Germany Latin Silver
0570870 Euro C Germany Latin Black
0571145 Euro C Germany Latin Chrome
0570884 Euro D RS+ME+BA Latin Black
0570899 Euro I Belarus Cyrillic Black
0574099 Euro CIB TJ+MN Cyrillic Silver
0570886 Euro D Macedonia Cyrillic/Mac Black
0570877 Euro C GB+IE Latin Black
0574072 Euro C Italy Latin Silver
0570871 Euro C BE+NL+LU Latin Black
0574351 Euro C Malta Latin Black
0571162 Euro D Slovenia Latin Chrome
0574086 Euro D Macedonia Cyrillic/Mac Silver
0574083 Euro D Slovenia Latin Silver
0571164 Euro D RS+ME+BA Latin Chrome
0565913 Euro C Italy Latin Black
0571173 Euro I Ukraine Cyrillic Chrome
0571143 Euro B Romania Latin Chrome
0574077 Euro C France Latin Silver
0572457 Euro CIB TJ+MN Cyrillic Chrome
0574354 Euro A Iceland Latin Silver
0571163 Euro D Croatia Latin Chrome
0574079 Euro C GB+IE Latin Silver
0571174 Euro I Belarus Cyrillic Chrome
0574076 Euro C CH+AT Latin Silver
0574087 Euro E EE+LT+LV Latin Silver
0574097 Euro CIB KG+TM+UZ++ Cyrillic Silver
0570879 Euro D CZ+SK Latin Black
0571158 Euro C GB+IE Latin Chrome
0574349 Euro C Malta Latin Silver
0571166 Euro E EE+LT+LV Latin Chrome
0571147 Euro C Portugal Latin Chrome
0570869 Euro B Romania Latin Black
0570905 Euro CIC Georgia Georgian Black
0570873 Euro C CH+AT Latin Black
0574084 Euro D Croatia Latin Silver
0571171 Euro I Bulgaria Cyrillic Chrome
0574095 Euro I Belarus Cyrillic Silver
0570860 Euro A FI+SE+DK++ Latin Black
0574085 Euro D RS+ME+BA Latin Silver
0570892 Euro H Greece Greek Black
0571175 Euro I Moldova Cyrillic Chrome
0571149 Euro C France Latin Chrome
0574067 Euro A FI+SE+DK++ Latin Silver
0570875 Euro C Turkey Latin Black
0574100 Euro CIC Azerbaijan Latin Silver
0570897 Euro I Ukraine Cyrillic Black
0571172 Euro I Russia Cyrillic Chrome
0572456 Euro CIB TJ+MN Cyrillic Black
0571144 Euro C Italy Latin Chrome
0570906 Euro CIC Armenia Armenian Black
0571157 Euro C Turkey Latin Chrome
0571179 Euro CIC Azerbaijan Latin Chrome
0571178 Euro CIB KG+TM+UZ++ Cyrillic Chrome
0571160 Euro D CZ+SK Latin Chrome
0570883 Euro D Croatia Latin Black
0574071 Euro B Romania Latin Silver
0570893 Euro H Cyprus Greek Black
0570890 Euro F Israel Hebrew Black
0570895 Euro I Bulgaria Cyrillic Black
0571146 Euro C BE+NL+LU Latin Chrome
0571142 Euro B PL+HU Latin Chrome
0574078 Euro C Turkey Latin Silver
0570872 Euro C Portugal Latin Black
0574093 Euro I Russia Cyrillic Silver
0571167 Euro F Israel Hebrew Chrome
0571148 Euro C CH+AT Latin Chrome
0571182 Euro CIC Armenia Armenian Chrome
0570904 Euro CIC Azerbaijan Latin Black
0574353 Euro C Malta Latin Chrome
0574091 Euro H Cyprus Greek Silver
0571180 Euro CIC Georgia Georgian Chrome
0570900 Euro I Moldova Cyrillic Black
0574070 Euro B PL+HU Latin Silver
0574096 Euro I Moldova Cyrillic Silver
0574074 Euro C BE+NL+LU Latin Silver
0574089 Euro H Greece Greek Silver
0574092 Euro I Bulgaria Cyrillic Silver
0570878 Euro SP Spain Latin Black
0574080 Euro SP Spain Latin Silver
0574088 Euro F Israel Hebrew Silver
0571169 Euro H Greece Greek Chrome
0574102 Euro CIC Armenia Armenian Silver
0574101 Euro CIC Georgia Georgian Silver
0571165 Euro D Macedonia Cyrillic/Mac Chrome
0570903 Euro CIB KG+TM+UZ++ Cyrillic Black
0574094 Euro I Ukraine Cyrillic Silver
0574081 Euro D CZ+SK Latin Silver
0570896 Euro I Russia Cyrillic Black
0574350 Euro A Iceland Latin Black
0570868 Euro B PL+HU Latin Black
0571170 Euro H Cyprus Greek Chrome
0571159 Euro SP Spain Latin Chrome
0574352 Euro A Iceland Latin Chrome
0570874 Euro C France Latin Black
0574075 Euro C Portugal Latin Silver
0570888 Euro E EE+LT+LV Latin Black
0570881 Euro D Slovenia Latin Black
0571140 Euro A FI+SE+DK++ Latin Chrome
and few asian (chinesse Product codes) : 0587899-0585884-0587654-0586644
Credit to stargate 21