So you have old smartphone (HTC Kaiser) laying in drawer… and don’t like the ancient WinMo OS???  Here is the steps how to convert it to Android running SMARTPHONE :

HUGE THANKS to l1q1d who made this guide 🙂

Before starting

you need:

  • python 2.7 installed on your system
  • atools
  • a class 4 (better class 6) sd card free space > 1 G (only if you install on sd or virtual disk)
  • time
  • a working brain
  • androidinstall.tgz/tar (look in the xda forum)
  • Hard-spl installed


This mode erase windows from the device, is quite more fast than haret method and you need to hard spl your device. You can access to Nand partion 2 and 3 and all sd and sd virtual images.

  1. Open Nbheditor


  1. Choose your branch (Develop or Stable) Button E
  2. Selct how to install (NAND) button D
  3. Download latest release button B
  4. Select your device box G
  5. Select resolution box H (suggest 240×320)
  6. Select Version Box I (usually froyo)
  7. Select Panel type (avaible only for kaiser and polaris, auto is now avable with latest kernel but in testing)
  8. Select Keymap (avaible only for Kaiser device)
  9. you can change the advanced options but on first time left all as it is
  10. on w box select where the system search for partion
    • mtd* -> Nand (suggested for both system and data)
    • mmc* -> Sdcard (you need to create it using sdpartitioner)
    • *img -> Virtual disk on sdcard (you need to create it, you can create it with bse)
  11. save button a
  12. put the KAISIMG/POLAIMG/VOGUEIMG.nbh in the root of your sdcard
  13. open rom mix
  14. open the downloaded androidinstall.tgz/tar button H
  15. select the set of modules K (D/E/F are now deprecated)
  16. extract the files button J
  17. save new androidinstall.tgz
  18. create a new dir on sdcard /andboot
  19. put androidinstall.tgz in /andboot
  20. open Boot scritp Editor

  1. select on C and D where you want to install the system and data (same of nbheditor)
  2. if you select image on disk you can change the size of virtual disk using G and H
  3. select first install check J
  4. if you select sdpartitions and you want to create them (you need them) select sd partiotioner Y
    1. select disk size 1
    2. select number of partition you need 2
    3. select the partition on Z and change to the correct type (ext for data and system, swap if you need swap)
    4. change the size if you need it 4
  5. press save
  6. put the in /andboot
  7. press quit
  8. you need hard-spl installed on your device
  9. put sd in your device
  10. boot the phone with camera button pressed
  11. tricolor screen appear (boot screen)
  12. then flash from sd (gray)
  13. reset device when it finished
  14. cross your finger
  15. if you have black create a new nbh image file with a different screen.
  16. wait and don’t press dpad or vol up (install-seq start to install all)
  17. wait
  18. wait (it takes long time)
  19. if follow all steps your android phone is ready!