Hello there, geohot’s blackra1n is awesome application.

Did the job with my 3G(S) out of the box with 3.1.2 on board (bb 5.11.07) within 20 sec.

Now, info for all those who tried reboot and get stuck with DFU (arrow&iTunes) – all iPhone 3G(S) with 3.1.2 (starting with MCxzx) and iPT3 are tethered JB only! That means if you run out of battery or reboot/switch off your iTHING you’ll need to connect to your PC and run blackra1n again to boot up your iTHING.

Saw few post saying that geohot is a loser,etc… I DO NOT agree with them, as many of them DIDN’T read his full statement on his twitter :